Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

  • 2

    Making The Body

    • The Torso & Pelvis

    • The Arms

    • The Legs

    • Pre-Drilling

    • Putting The Pieces Together

    • Putting The Pieces Together - Update - Securing The Joints With Pins

  • 3

    Making The Head, Hands, & Feet

    • Sculpting The Head

    • Sculpting The Hands, Feet/Shoes | Baking The Head, Hands, & Feet

    • Sculpting A Pair Of Cowboy Boots

    • Painting - The First Coat

    • Making Eyebrows

    • Painting - Part 2

    • Attaching Hair

    • Adding A Mustache & Hat

  • 4

    Sewing The Outfit

    • Sewing A Pair Of Jeans

    • Sewing A Shirt

    • Adding The Bandana, Buttons, Cuffs, and Wearing in the Jeans

    • Additional Resoures

  • 5

    Attaching The Head, Hands, & Feet

    • Attaching The Head, Hands, and feet

  • 6

    Building The Control

    • Building The Control

  • 7

    Stringing Your Marionette

    • Stringing & Tuning

    • Re-routing The Leg Strings

  • 8

    Bonus Video 1

    • Adding Accessories, Troubleshooting The Ankles, and An Important Manipulation Technique

  • 9

    Bonus: Marionette Manipulation 101

    • Head Movement, Walking, Waving, Kneeling, Bending

Get Step By Step Video Tutorials Teaching You How To Make A Marionette Puppet

All of your video lessons will be available in a private member’s area where you will be able to view them and review them anytime you like. Go back and follow the steps again and again to create multiple puppets.

Module 1.
Coming up With Your Concept Brainstorm ideas as you look at some of Ricky’s past creations. Remember, you will be making a human marionette, or at least humanoid.
Module 2.
The Tools & Materials You’ll Need Ricky will show you all of the tools and materials that you will need to make a marionette. You’ll have a written checklist that you can print out. You’ll find that some of the items on the list are things you can find around the house or in the garage that can be “repurposed”. Other items can be easily sourced online or at your local craft or hardware store.
Module 3.
How to Cut and Join the Body Parts Learn Ricky’s own special style of marionette construction. Learn how to cut and join all of the pieces so that they allow for smooth gravity fluid articulation™.
Module 4.
How to Sculpt the Head, Hands, and Feet Learn how to sculpt the head, hands, and feet of your marionette. Although this will be mostly a wooden marionette, the head, hands, and feet will be sculpted from Fimo clay. Under Ricky’s direction, even complete beginners have had great success making lifelike characters and creations. Learn Ricky’s tips for painting everything, making eyebrows, and attaching hair. Once the head, hands, and feet, are ready, you’ll see step by step how to attach them to the rest of the body.
Module 5.
How to Make & Sew the Outfit Learn how to make and sew the outfit or marionette costume and attach the hair. These details will really add to the character of your marionette. Create outfits from repurposed and sometimes meaningful clothing and personal items when possible to add that little touch. You are creating an heirloom piece of art after all.
Module 6.
How to Build the Control plus Stringing & Tuning Your Marionette First, learn how to build the marionette controller. Then learn how to string a marionette, more importantly, how to string your marionette. Each marionette is unique and the strings must be tuned accordingly for proper movement of the puppet. Learn how to string and tune your marionette so it springs to life in your hands.
Bonus #1
Basic Marionette Manipulation Learn some basic marionette manipulation techniques as Ricky shows you how to breathe a little life into your new creation.
Bonus #2
Private Facebook Group Ask Ricky questions and get feedback on your build. Share your progress with Ricky and the other students and inspire one another. This will be a private, students only group.
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